Peat Spa Aino

Metsäkansan Ainola – A unique sauna spa experience

Improve your body’s wellbeing by indulging yourself in Leena Larva’s (Gynecologist, M.D.) well researched and affordable peat sauna treatments at Metsäkansan Ainola, Valkeakoski!

What is peat and how does it work?

Peat mud is a dark brown, grease-like pulp that has formed from decaying plants over thousands of years. It’s humus material contains several healing substances that powerfully affect the body.

Mankind has been aware of peat’s powerful healing qualities to treat illnesses and physical symptoms of disease for centuries. Finland’s unique application of this healing material is the peat sauna. Peat is applied on the area to be treated or on the whole body and the patient is put in a moist sauna heated to 50-60°C.

The peat mud activates the skin’s metabolism. Like acupuncture and laser treatment it has a calming effect. Additionally, peat treatments affect the lymphatic system thus reducing swelling and relaxing the deep muscles of the body.

Who benefits from a peat sauna?

Everyone can benefit! Besides a general healing and relaxing effect, its benefits can be especially felt by those suffering from the following symptoms:

– muscle pain and tension
– musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
– urinary system disorders
– stress
– insomnia
– menopausal symptoms
– sexual unwillingness
– cellulite
– swelling
– weight management problems
– gout

How to organize and get to your wellbeing experience?

Metsäkansan Ainola is easy to get to! It is only a few kilometers from exit 33 on the Highway and it is also accessible by train and bus.
The Sauna Spa welcomes individuals and groups of up to 15 people. It is a great experience to share with work colleagues and friends. It is possible to combine the sauna experience with a professional lecture on the effects of peat and/or a meal.

You can also enhance and extend your wellbeing experience by taking advantage of agritourism activities, concerts, chiball, yoga, and music courses and concerts that are available in Metsäkansa and organized for you by Metsäkansan Ainola.

For more information and bookings (weekdays preferred, 9am-12pm)
tel. +358500607553